I do the drawing thing.



Imagine Suga motivating Daichi by promising him a kiss on the cheek if he works hard. Somebody overhears. Suddenly all of Karasuno wants kisses on the cheek. The team has never been more motivated.





Tsukki got one too.

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Imagine Hinata pointing at Lev and saying, “is that Tokyo tower?”



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Commission of Rick Kiviera for skarakmurand

Commission of Rick Kiviera for skarakmurand

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I'm so excited you became part of the RMWT club! Now I'm again excited for the new chapter!

Thank you! Please be very excited 0v0

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I love your art! Especially your art for RMWT


Thank you so much!

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Congratulations Jove on becoming the newest RMWT artist!

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Big News


Hey, guys! I’ve got a handful of announcements to make, some bad, some good. I like saving the good things for last, so I’ll go ahead and get the bad out of the way: as of February, Panic has stepped down from the RMWT team. This was not an entirely unexpected move, as we’d seen that particular writing on the wall. To sum things up, they moved out of their parents’ house, and could not accept any additional responsibilities at the time. We understood completely, and it was an amicable split.

But while it is sad to see Panic go, we are extremely excited to introduce the artist who is going to be taking over Panic’s work: Jove-bluh, or as some of you may know her, Feshnie. If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you have seen Jove’s work before, because she is a very dedicated fan who has graced us with tons of amazing fanart (click those links!). You might also know her from her absolutely huge library of art spanning tons of different ships and fandoms. I highly recommend browsing around her blog, because she has pretty much something for anyone. She has proven time and time again that she is extremely talented, dedicated, and just one of the nicest people we’ve encountered on tumblr. And did I mention her humor? Just look at the past few little mini fancomics (all of them completely unprompted by us) she drew for RMWT, and you’ll see that she has a freaking hilarious sense of humor. Kel and I honestly could not be more pleased that she agreed to work with us. We feel super fortunate.

Which leads me to my last bit of news: because Jove has proven to be so skilled (and fast, like holy shit), we will be updating fairly soon! The entire chapter is done and edited (clocking in at around 22k words), and now we’re just waiting for artwork. We are not going to give you a set deadline for when we’ll update because we want Jove to take her time with it and not treat it like a job, but at the rate she’s going now, it won’t be too terribly long.

So I’ll be seeing you guys soon!


Oh gosh, Sgt made an announcement of it. I can’t believe you took the time to link all those. Ahhh seriously you are too nice to me ;/////;

A really huge thanks to Kel and Sgt for offering and accepting me to join the team and I am very honoured to be part of this. You all can imagine how much I flailed and hyperventilated out of happiness. It was truly an amazing fan moment.

I am sad that Panic stepped down, as like everyone, I love their art a lot. It can’t be helped and I wish them the best in what they’re doing now.

I hope RMWT fans aren’t too disappointed by me being on board. I don’t have the same style as Panic so it’ll need a lot of getting used to but please give me a chance. I intend to do my best! I am, first and foremost, a fan of Real Men Wear Tights! So this isn’t really a task as much as it is DIBS TO READ THE CHAPTER FIRST AND MAKE TONS OF FANART OF IT! Everyone is welcomed to be jealous of me.

As Sgt said, I’m working on the panels now. So, uh, it’s gonna be quiet on my side for a bit while I fangirl over - wait no, I mean, while I finish the drawings.

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Kid version~!

Kid version~!

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i just wondering when you are going to update you now. love an anonimous xd


It is apparent how shitty I am that I absolutely don’t know which update you mean. Like, is it Dolorous Surrender? Is it Live On - Repentance? Is it Move On? Is it Alien Vision? Is it Room of Decision? Is it Freestuck? Is it those 1 point doodles? Or some other photoset I promised to continue but forgot? 


but the answer to that is I don’t know. I’m sorry an unmotivated author like me had to do whichever series you mean. I’m just trash.

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The life of a secret identity superhero is hard.

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